Pre-filter advantages
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Avoid multiple pollution in the working environment

Everyone knows that many devices will be corroded for environmental reasons after long-term use. These corrosions will shorten the service life of the equipment, and at the same time, after the equipment is corrosive, rust will occur, and rust will occur. It will cause the working environment to be polluted. This kind of pollution will not only shorten the service life of the equipment again, but also have a great impact on the working effect of the equipment. Therefore, the pre-filter can rust, sediment and float in the filter medium to a certain extent, avoiding multiple pollution of the working environment and affecting the service life and working results of the equipment.

Prevent the appearance of scale

Everyone knows that after the rust, if the filter medium is water, it will be easy to appear a lot of scale in the equipment for a long time, which will also affect the service life of the filter equipment. The main reason for the formation of scale is that there is a certain amount of calcium and magnesium in the water, and it will foul after high temperature. If a pre-filter is used, this part of the element can be well filtered to prevent the combination of calcium and magnesium ions and silver carbonate ions, thereby preventing scale formation and effectively giving the working equipment a certain protection.

Can be used as a pre-filtering device

In the purification work, if the intensity of the purification work is relatively large, it is easy to cause overloading of the filtering equipment in the work, and the long-time overload operation will result in shortened service life and unstable purification effect. If pre-filtering equipment is added, most of the impurities, suspended solids, etc. in the medium are filtered before the filtration work is officially started, which can reduce the intensity of the post-filtration work, so that the equipment for the formal filtration work can be in acceptable strength. Work inside, and improve the stability of the filtering work in the case of protecting the equipment.

The role of the front is very much, there will be many benefits after use, mainly in the stable work efficiency and extend the service life of the work equipment, if you have a job at work, you can choose.

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